With a professional background in architectural design and digital photography, AI-DA operates in the field of artificial intelligence applied to architecture along three main lines of activity:

Design support
AI-DA make possible to achieve extraordinary results in the design and development stages thanks to a reduction in image generation time combined with versatility and high visual impact.
These results can be achieved by resorting primarily to two modes of operation:
The image-to-image methodology allows immediate verification of both sketches and design ideas as well as study variants at the compositional or stylistic level without having to resort immediately to the traditional and time-consuming workflow based on 3d modeling and rendering.
The use of AI plug-ins, at a more advanced stage of design related to 3d modeling, again allows for a speeding up of the rendering phase, with equally fundamental savings in time and resources used.

In line with the very rapid qualitative evolution of the generation of two-dimensional images we think that in a short time AI tools related to three-dimensional modeling will be perfected , either through the technique of reverse-engineering from ai images generated in 2d, or with the evolution of software for the generation of architectural 3d models from descriptive prompts.

AI-DA is closely following this ongoing revolution in the way three-dimensional architectural models are designed and created.

Artistic scope
From photographs captured during travels and research projects 
AI-DA creates series of images related to the representation and perception of architectural space and the urbanized environment. 
Through the visual narrative of the evolving relationships between human beings and their environment and between individual and collective space,
AI-DA seeks to stimulate reflection on our relationships with the world around us.
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